Saline City Council Votes 4-2 To Approve Staff Salaries

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 06/22/2017 - 00:37
Councillor Dean Girbach voted against the city officer salary resolution, stating he had concerns with the performance of City Superintendent/Engineer Gary Roubal.

Saline City Council set salaries for city officials and department heads during Monday’s meeting.

During a series of votes, council voted 4-2 to appoint the recommended staff and set their salaries for the 2017-18 year. Councillors Linda TerHaar, Jack Ceo, Christen Mitchell and Heidi McClelland voted in favor of the resolution. Councillors Janet Dillon and Dean Girbach voted against the resolution.

The salaries include cost of living raises for all staff. There were step raises for Treasurer Mickie Jo Bennett, Deputy Clerk Aimee Bloom, DPW Director Jeff Fordice, administrative assistant Eleanor Getschman, Police Chief Larry Hrinik, Deputy Treasurer Joanne McDonough and Clerk Terri Royal. Administrative assistant Kathy Corfman, deputy superintendent of the water plants Mark Fechik, water plants Superintendent Bob Scull, Assessor Catherine Scull, Assistant Assessor Joyce Witt, and Superintendent and Building Engineer Gary Roubal received merit raises.

Each year, council adopts the resolution during the final meeting of the fiscal year. The city officer terms begin July 1, 2017.

But at least one council member would like to see a change.

Councillor Dillon said she thought city council had asked that employee evaluations be done before city council is asked to approve the salaries.

“It’s standard operating procedure in any other business (to set salaries after evlations),” Dillon said. “I don’t feel comfortable with this (proposal) at this point,” Dillon said.

Several council members showed some level of support for Dillon’s position.

City Manager Todd Campbell said he was unaware of any desire to change the way council approves officer salaries. Campbell said he reviews his department heads in July and presents the salaries for council’s approval in June. Campbell, who has been city manager for 10 years, said this practice was in place before he was hired.

“With all due respect, I don’t think we want to change change the rules in the middle of the game. It’s difficult to move forward, from a staff perspective, if that’s what council wants to do,” Campbell said. “I would have concerns about employee morale, seeing their neighbors and co-workers salaries approved (while there salaries were held for review).”

Councillor Jack Ceo said he didn’t want to micromanage the city manager.

“These evaluations are the prerogative of the city manager, according to the way we’ve always done things. City Council can evaluate the city manager. If we feel the job is not being done appropriately, we can have an argument with the city manager,” Ceo said.

Councillor TerHaar, who served as Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Brian Marl, said she raises based on evaluations have pros and cons.

“I would not seriously advocate for doing it one way or the other. But I’m in favor of approving what’s in front of us at this point. This is the process at this time. To change on the fly at a meeting seems irresponsible at this point,” TerHaar said.

Council also wants to end the practice of six-month severance packages for departing city officers. Councillor Mitchell said council could take up these two issues together and sort them out before next year.

“I want to say that, as someone who has studied organizational change, that ‘because we’ve always done things this way’ is not an acceptable thing to say anymore. It’s OK to review what we’re doing,” Mitchell said.

Girbach’s opposition to the salaries was more focused on the pay for a single employee. Girbach singled out City Superintendent/Engineer Gary Roubal, a 30-year city employee. Roubal, who helped oversee the Michigan construction project and several other projects in the city last year, received a $2,000 merit bonus, bringing his total compensation to $113,534 – about $800 more than last year.

“I don’t feel the (pay) increase is justified. I know there were large projects this year, but significant mistakes were made and I’m very concerned with his performance,” Girbach said.



2017-18 Salary

2016-17 Salary

City Manager

Todd Campbell



DPW Director

Jeff Fordice




Gary Roubal



Police Chief

Larry Hrinik



Parks and Rec Director

Carla Scruggs



Water Superintendent

Bob Scull




Mickie Jo Bennett



Asst Superintendent (Water)

Mark Fechik




Catherine Scull



City Clerk

Terri Royal



Deputy Treasurer

Joanne McDonough



Building Inspector

Steve Maciag



Deputy Clerk

Aimee Bloom



Admin Asst/Finance

Kathy Corfman



Assistant Assessor

Joyce Witt



Technology Support Coordinator

Chris Shonk



Administrative Assistant

Eleanor Getschman



* New employee








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