Saline Planners Deny Site Plan Extension for Long-Vacant Car Wash

 12/18/2017 - 00:47

City of Saline planners have run out of patience with the unfinished “Clean Get-A-Way” car wash, located at 121 Sage Court, beside Tractor Supply.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the planning commission voted unanimously to not approve a one-year extension for a combined preliminary/final site plan for the development, first approved in October of 2002.

Doug Deal, of Huron Valley Sales, owns the never-completed car wash, which has sat vacant and become a target for vandals. He was seeking a six to 12-month extension on the site plan, which was approved last December by the planning commission. City Superintendent Gary Roubal briefly presented the case for Deal’s request to planning commission.

“The prior site plan expired in 2012. He came back fresh and rejuvenated the site plan. He thought he’d get it done this year but he had trouble,” Roubal said.

Mayor Brian Marl, who was not a fan of this project when it came to city council, quickly shot down the request.

“This has dragged on long enough. We made a good fait effort to work with him and essentially nothing happened. We even had a hard time getting information from Mr. Deal,” Marl said.

The city planners agreed. Dean Girbach, City Council’s liaison to the commission, said he might be open to considering an extension if there was some kind of bond in place that might allow the city to clean the property or demolish the building if the building continued to sit empty.

The planning commission was unanimous in its decision to turn down Deal’s request.

It should be noted that this is not the same car wash as the Zippy’s car wash planned across the street.

In other planning commission news:

  • Planning commission approved a request by Saline Lectronics to amend their site plan to construct a 1,920 square-foot pole barn at their property at 750 N. Maple Road.
  • The planning commission will have a $35,000 budget in 2019. That would be down somewhat from last year’s budget of $39,500. In 2017, there $50,146 in expenditures. The commission expects professional service and site plan review costs to fall. This year’s budget is $25,000. Next year’s budget is $20,000. From July-November, actual costs were about $7,000. Planning commission revenues, generated by fees, were up to over $40,000 in 2017. They’ve been rising steadily since 2015 after bottoming out at less than $5,000 in 2014.
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salinesal's picture

The fact that another carwash has plans to build nearby, this looks like city government picking winners and losers. What does the city's decision mean for the development of the property? They just let it sit? The city can potentially ruin the owner financially with their decision. They should never do that.  

BobNasty's picture

Double standards.

Build what the mayor likes or what his friends invest in and he will help you over every hurdle and ignore every inconvenient rule. Rules the rest of us are required to live by.


Bonnie's picture

I find it quite interesting that the mayor turned down the extension! Monroe street Property still has a house sitting there, a barn and piles of dirt, decree, black plastic etc.! An unsightly property to say the least! That has also been vandalized with your name all over it Brian! Ü

Mr. Diel deserves the same respect and time that you are giving the buyer of the 207 Monroe street property that the city was so anxious to buy!

it appears it's ok for you but not for the other guy?  That's right it appears every new business that comes into town you bend over backwards for the, including tax breaks etc. but not for the little guy?  This car wash was vandalized. Maybe he is trying to put his finances together to make this happen! 

Then there is the old Universal Die Casting Company grounds that are a visual mess has been for years but it appears you aren't going to do anything there? 

Then the property across the street with 4-5 food weeds and a trailer that still sits there and junk all over!   But Brian what are you doing about that?  

And while we are on the subject of the entrance to Saline why did the residents on Monroe Street get a big high berm and tons of pine trees to block their view of the sewage plant but not those of us who have to endure not only horrible chemical raw sewage stench but have to look into the sh..factory ponds, trucks, bright lights all over the place!  You must be afraid somebody will steal your sh..t  buildings etc.! We have tons of trees that were planted by residents but they have all died. In the ones along the fence that looks like a prision with 3 rows of concertina wire!  

It sure is a nice welcome to coming into Smelline!  


Dell Deaton's picture

While I can't speak to all of these points, I have had my own frustrations with what often feels to me like too many soft memories regarding the brownfield cleanup at 232 Monroe Street.

In order to do that, I've researched and posted a timeline of key events in the Forum section here on The Saline Post. When that subject comes up here again on the main pages, it will be easy provide a link back to that chronology in hopes of keeping memories accurate and commitments to perform accountable.

I am confident that Tran would be open to having others do the same in order to provide centralized references to chronologies for issues that are important to them.

Mary Hess's picture

I believe when the city publicly talked about this sale of this property, The buyer and developer as I recall said they planed on 14 to 16 homes.  Now the developer brought in a plan it appears addressing 44 units. WHAT HAPPENED.

Bonnie's picture

Good point Mary Hess!  We talked to the city about building homes on that property before we sold it to the city!  We were given the run around by Roubal about how many condos could go in that property and it was half of what they first are allowing here. 

I feel for the Mr. Diel. It truly appears that the mayor didn't want the car wash in the first place so why work with the little guy. I personally know this fine upstanding family!  Shame on you Brian! It appears you are coming after them for your own personal  beliefs. Go after them and leave all the god awful messes you've allowed to go on, on Monroe Street! Including the stench! You waited way to longer to take care of the problem now it appears your trying to jump through hoops! It doesn't fly with any of us!