Saline Recreation Department Recognizes Contributions of Diane Mukkala

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 09/16/2019 - 23:49

The Saline Recreation department recognized the contributions of Diane Mukkala at the Saline City Council meeting Monday evening.

Mukkala had just finished addressing city council about the Saline Leadership Institute, an organization she's aided for years, when Sunshine Lambert, of Saline Recreation, appeared at the podium to thank Mukkala for her service.

"She's been a longstanding champion for the health and wellness of our community," Lambert said.

Lambert said Mukkala has been involved in recreation programs for over a decade. She assisted with the tee ball program. She's also a staunch supporter of the Movie in the Park program.

"She not only provides financial support, she brings wonderful activities that keep children entertained as they wait for the sun to set and movie to begin," Lambert said.

At the Rec Center, Mukkala is a mentor to other members.

"She encourages others to be healthy," Lambert said.

It's not the first time Mukkala has been recognized for her service to Saline. In 2012, Mukkala received the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association Community Service Award.

Mayor Brian Marl agreed with Lambert's assessment.

"She's one of our treasured leaders and volunteers and I think it's great you took the time to recognize her contributions," Marl said.

Mukkala said she appreciated the kind words and thanked her husband, Ben, and son, Daniel, for their support. She noted he son would soon be taking over Movie in the Park duties.



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