SALINE TOWNSHIP: Andelina Farms Plan Coming Into Focus, Braun Road Bridge Repair This Month

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 06/13/2019 - 00:43

The Saline Township board took care of business in less than 45 minutes at its regular meeting on Monday night. Township Supervisor Jim Marion announced that Board Trustee Robert Marion had been hospitalized and would be absent.

Supervisor’s Report:

Supervisor Marion reported that the township spring cleanup went well and reported no problems, including with tire disposal. The board was informed that in past years there had been some confusion around the limits guiding tire disposal. The new township communication helped in clarifying the tire disposal limits. The township reported the disposal cost for tires to be approximately $1,100.00.

Andelina Farms Update:

Nikki Jeffries, Land Development Manager for M/I Homes, the development company for the Andelina Farms, reported the developer received a letter from the Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE -- formerly known as the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality MDEQ) stating the department received all of the necessary documentation and would proceed with processing the requested permits, expecting a decision sometime in June 2019.

Jeffries stated EGLE had requested M/I Homes include language in their permit requests stating that should the property north of Andelina Farms be developed, Andelina Farms would allow the development to connect to their water and sewer systems. Further, EGLE required that language be included that specifies that Andelina Farms agrees to connect into the water and sewer systems of the City of Saline, if/when that becomes possible sometime in the future.

Jeffries and Township Supervisor Marion both stated that it was the stated preference of EGLE that private water & waste-water treatment systems be developed only when it is not possible for these systems to connect directly to municipal (city or township) public water & sewer systems.

Ms. Jeffries reported that MI Homes had heard from Washtenaw County regarding traffic and soil erosion and that those permits were also being processed. With all of that information, Ms. Jeffries asked the board to consider approving the final site plan, with the contingency of all permits being issued, but the board declined that option. The board did agree to call a special township board meeting to provide approval to the final site plan if that became necessary.

Braun Road Update:

Supervisor Marion reported that the Washtenaw County Road Commission stated that the Braun Road bridge is still scheduled to be repaired in June. Some equipment has been moved to the site.

WCRC Update:

The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) reported that Saline Township is not included in the county roadside brush killing spraying program for 2019. The WCRC said that Saline Township was included in the program last year and it is an every-other year service.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.




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