Township Planners Set Public Hearings for Fender Mender Expansion, Communications Tower and Antique Car Showroom

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 07/11/2019 - 12:24

The Saline Township Planning Commission reviewed three Special Use Permit requests at its regular meeting Tuesday night. 

Applicant Damon Gilless and Jim Chudzinski are requesting to expand Fender Mender.  The Dell Road business currently operates in 7,500 square feet and the expansion request would add another 9,072 square feet. The request would not change the services offered onsite, just expand capacity.

Kurt and Grace Greaves, of Roofman, requested a special use permit to erect an 80-foot communications tower on Michigan Avenue, behind the old Harry’s Furniture building. They hope to get better internet connection services in the area. 

Applicant Raffacle Pecchia requested a special use permit for an antique car showroom on Michigan Avenue, in the old Harry’s Furniture building. He is renovating the space to house an antique/classic car showroom/museum that will include the purchasing and selling of antique & classic cars. The applicant is requesting permission to occasionally park cars in their parking lot outside of the building. That use is currently not permitted.

There will be public hearings on all three requests at the next planning commission meeting, which is scheduled for 7 p.m., Aug. 6.



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