WWTP Odor Abatement Project Complete, Mayor Pleased With Results So far

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 08/21/2019 - 16:43

Does Saline smell a nicer these days?

Work is nearly completed on the City of Saline’s $3.6 million wastewater treatment plant odor abatement project. New odor control treatment units, an odor counteractant system, and air duct support foundations have been installed at the plant, located between South Monroe Street and the Saline River. And odor scrubber four a southside pump station was also installed.

According to Mayor Brian Marl, most of the project is done and tests were conducted Aug. 13-14. Remaining work includes landscaping and a few installations, Marl said.

At Monday’s city council meeting, Marl said he’s twice made surprise visits to the plant.

“I visited the plant twice and did not detect a sewage odor. I stood at the property line for 20 minutes and did not detect the odor,” Marl said. “I would quantify that as a success.”

Marl said he detected a slightly musty odor standing near some equipment, but the odor was undetectable elsewhere on the property.

Sewer odor has long been an issue in the vicinity of the wastewater treatment plan. The issue became more pronounced, with bad odors being reported all around town, prompting council to embark on the project only a year after its most recent wastewater treatment plant project had been completed.

Marl said the city is eager to learn the results of testing conducted on site. City Council will go over the results of those tests at a work session Sept. 9. Marl said the city is planning to host an open house at the wastewater treatment plant.

Not everyone is satisfied with the results. Bonnie Armbruster, who lives on Circle Court, a stone's throw from the plant, continues to report the stench of sewage.

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