Gradin' Graden: Saline Board Rates Superintendent as 'Effective'

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 01/22/2020 - 02:08

As per Michigan law, the Saline Area Schools Board of Education performed a formal evaluation of Superintendent Scot Graden using the Michigan Association of School Board superintendent evaluation tools, the results of which were revealed this week.

While the full evaluation isn't provided to the public, the broad strokes of the evaluation were discussed by the board.

"On Dec. 10 we held a closed session with Superintendent Graden and the board, and we went through the MASB standard evaluation document, which is one of the ones approved by state law and Superintendent Graden came out as effective, which I don't think was any surprise to anyone," said Board Vice President Paul Hynek.

Hynek also stated that Graden added two points on the scoring scale this year compared to last year, joking that it was a fact that he "didn't think was any surprise to anyone."

The evaluation tool allows a school board to give a rating on a scale of one to four, one being ineffective, two being minimally effective, three being effective, and four being highly effective. The ratings cover a number of sub-categories in major topical areas such as governance and board relations, community relations, staff relations, business and finance, instructional leadership, The latter of those has more weight than the others.

Student growth makes up 40 percent of the evaluation score and is based on state assessment data. A district that is "effective" must have 75 to 89 percent of students meeting growth targets.

At this point, there was little talk of changing Graden's compensation, as in previous years the stipends he once received for positive evaluation results were rolled into his yearly salary.

Graden's contract was also extended to 2020-21 school year in 2017, exemplifying the fact that Graden has a great deal of the board's trustee and esteem after steering the district since appointment as interim superintendent in 2007.

If Graden remains superintendent until 2021, he would be on his way to being the second longest-serving superintendent in Saline Area Schools history. He would almost swap with Harold Hintz, who served from 1964 to 1978, but would still have a ways to go to replace Leo Jensen, who served Saline schools as superintendent for 21 years.

Hynek reciprocated positive comments that Graden gave earlier in the meeting about the board that he serves in recognition of their hard work for School Board Appreciation Month.

"We also appreciate everything you do for the district - good job," Hynek added.

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