EmPowHer with Saline Rec Center and Delirium Fitness

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 05/31/2018 - 16:26
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Saline Rec Center & Delirium Fitness introduce EmpowHer, a mother-daughter class to empower girls to gain strength, flexibility, and confidence!  Drawing from traditional strength/cardio training, Yoga, and martial arts in a fun circuit and obstacle-course centered outdoor environment, girls will learn to appreciate that fitness can be fun, while moms (or aunts or grandmothers) get a good workout in as well. Above all, we’ll practice appreciating and taking care of our bodies and minds.  

This is the second time that Delirium Fitness has offered this class.  The first, which ended in April, was a huge success, with both the mothers and daughters giving their praises.  “This class was a fun and positive bonding experience my daughter and me!” Kim Provost said of her experience.

For this upcoming session, it made good sense to partner with The Rec Center and offer it outdoors in the beautiful Mill Pond Park.  “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with the Saline Rec Center on a few programs this spring and summer.    The Rec Center and Delirium have the same goal of making our community a healthier place and offering quality programs to achieve that end,” said Del Baldwin, co-owner of Delirium Fitness.

Girls will feel empowered and capable of anything after a few sessions!  This is a great opportunity to bond with your daughter, niece or granddaughter. All fitness levels will feel safe and welcome.  Attend once or come to all the sessions.  Delirium trainers will meet at the top of the hill at Mill Pond Park Saturdays, beginning June 2 at 9 AM.  Register online at salinerec.com or pay onsite with a credit card, $10 per person. Recommended ages are 6-11.

Delirium Fitness is a new boutique studio offering personal training, run training, and Delirium Signature Small Group V Intensity Interval Training classes.  The goal of the studio is to not only give everyone an amazing workout with a ton of personal attention, but to train bodies and minds to make healthy decisions through fitness and nutrition, and to learn to appreciate their capabilities.  The local owners are focused on safety and sound workout designs. 

Contact Keith Kooperman at Saline Rec Center (734) 429-3502, ext. 2503, or [email protected] for more information.

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