GALLERY: Enjoy Christmas at the Rentschler Farm Saturday and Sunday

 12/16/2017 - 02:10
Neatly wrapped gifts sit under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the pantry of the Rentschler Farm Museum.

Spend a relaxing afternoon in a 1930s farmhouse decorated for Christmas.

Christmas at the Farmhouse takes place from 11 to 3 p.m., Saturday Dec. 16 and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 17, at the Rentschler Farm Museum, located at 1265 E. Michigan Ave., in Saline. The 12-room museum is owned by the City of Saline and operated by the Saline Area Historical Society, which hosts the Christmas on the Farmhouse event.

The farmhouse will be decorated with simple decorations one would find in Depression-era farmhouse owned by a German family.

In the parlor, a Christmas tree will be decorated with traditional ornaments - including a pickle. The event is free, but donations are accepted.

The Saline Area Historical Society will serve cookies and drinks. The gift shop will be open.

Emanuel Rentschler purchased his 216-acre farm just after the turn of the century. At that time, there was an old farmhouse and a large dairy barn that stood perpendicular to the road. The 19th c. shed was still useable and there was a sprinkling of other buildings that have since been razed. Gradually, Mr. Rentschler made several improvements, including a new farmhouse in 1906, built by his brother, Matthew.

Four generations of Rentschlers lived and worked on this homestead between 1901-1998. Volunteers from the Saline Area Historical Society developed the property with a focus on farm living between the years 1900-1950. These are the years that reflect a time of great change in agriculture and family living. There was the transition from horse to tractor, from kerosene to electricity, from an agriculture-based economy to a manufacturing economy. All of these are visible in the history of this farm, which we dedicate to all farm families of this area. Many of the artifacts that appear quaint today were actually innovative in their own time.


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Saline 12 east by Janet Deaton's picture

With the Rentschler Farm Museum open both Saturday and Sunday this weekend before closing for the season, these photographs certainly whet the appetite for an in-person visit.

Thank you, Tran, for committing so generously of your time to share these images of our local Saline treasure.

Reminder: The Saline Area Historical Society has produced a series of videos specific to many areas of the farm and rooms within the farmhouse. These are available on site where you can scan QR Codes with your smartphone and online at YouTube.

Here's one example, featuring the parlor (without Christmas decorations):


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On Saturday, we had many, many visitors. They were able to enjoy the ambience of Christmas preparations almost 90 years ago. The quietness on the farm is refreshing, compared to the clamor of the Christmas malls. Young musicians stopped in and played the piano. Quilters demonstrated on their handwork. The sock knitter was busy in the bedroom, turning out beautiful footwear. The delicious German desserts were spread out on the dining room table. Visitors enjoyed complimentary cookies and cider in the kitchen and then made their way out to the gift shop. OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-4:00. Stop by and see us.

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Great service provided by the Saline Area Historical Society. Thanks so much.

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Ongoing operations of the Rentschler Farm Museum are supported by a limited number of financial resources. As you enjoy your time in the farmhouse today — or simply read about it here on The Saline Post — consider making a donation to the Saline Area Historical Society today. They even take PayPal, so you can make a monetary contribution right now from your computer if you'd like.