Historic Figures of Saline Reanimated at Rotary's Oakwood Cemetery Enactment Tour

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 10/01/2017 - 01:53
Jeff Hall played Orange Risdon, Saline's founder, at Saline Rotary Club's Oakwood Cemetery Enactment Tour Saturday.

Salinians joined Saline Rotary Club volunteers and actors as they stepped back in time at Oakwood Cemetery Saturday.

The annual Oakwood Cemetery Enactment Tour, which raised money for Saline Rotary Club’s benevolent activities, re-animated some of Saline’s most interesting historical figures.

Will Minnette portrayed William Davenport – he of the Curtiss-Davenport mansion fame. Davenport was a successful businessman in Saline. He owned a store in a building where Key Bank current stands. He was so successful he built a safe in his store. When others found out about his safe, they asked him to save their money, too. Eventually, a bank was formed there in 1885.

Each of the actors presented biographical vignettes.

The event was attended by local history buffs, members of local government, and citizens who enjoyed interesting stories as they strolled around the cemetery on a sunny autumn day.

Christopher and Heather Millio walked the tour. They were most interested in the portrayal of George Nissly.

“We’re interested in local history. But we recently bought the Nissly house on Henry Street so we wanted to learn more about him,” Heather Millio said.

Nissly, portrayed by Dave Friese, was involved in everything. He raised poultry and fruit and shipped goods all over the United States and Canada. He was also an inventor and the editor of the Saline Observer.

Below are brief clips of the portrayals and a photo gallery.

The event was sponsored by Robison-Bahnmiller Funeral Home and assisted by the Saline Area Historical Society.



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