Gallery: Eluminous Studios Provides a New Space for Creativity in Saline

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 05/29/2016 - 16:43

Eluminous Studios held their grand opening Sunday afternoon at 1205 Industrial Drive in Saline. The location is across the street from the Saline High School soccer practice fields.

Eric Rentschler, owner of the business, was born and raised in Saline. He became a model and actor during high school through SB Talent of Toledo.

“I went to California because there wasn’t really any spot to do this around here, to present yourself out into the world so easily in the artistic way,” Rentschler said. “So I went out there, I learned a few things, then I wanted to just bring it back here, give back to the community a little bit.”

The idea had been floating around in his mind for several years, but the location and the time just seemed right to him now. Saline is growing and is more into the art scene now, thanks to Two Twelve Arts.

“They’ve been a big influence on the arts scene in Saline,” Rentschler said. “They opened up so many doors and brought a lot of people in.”

In some ways the business will be like a makerspace, renting studio space and tools to creative community members for their personal projects. The business will also offer fine arts classes and yoga classes and will sell art, especially Rentschler’s paintings and photography.

Another important part of the business will be to help prospective models and actors get a start. In collaboration with SB Talent, they will offer learning opportunities, connections and will provide headshots.

The business also includes a recording studio. A number of local bands already have plans to have some recording sessions there.

Rentschler’s dreams are very broad at this point. He wants Eluminous to be a collaborative incubator space for all forms of arts, including painting, sculpture, photography, music and performance.

The Sunday opening showcased many of these art forms. Rentschler’s own art was on display inside and more art was outside in front of the building.

Bands outside included “Fangs and Twang,” “Mercury Salad Sandwich,” “Little Traps,” “Genghis Keoon & Shaka Le-Beaux” and Reptilian Dojo.” There were also standup comedians on stage.

Other outside attractions included a painter, an art table for young visitors to make their own creations with crayons, markers and paint, a hula hoop performer, yoga classes, tea, and various food snacks.

At 6:15, there was a fashion show inside. Models had their hair and makeup done by Luminosity Salon and many of the costumes came from Resale Boutique, both Saline businesses.

The show included traditional runway modeling and a dance performance. After the upbeat fashion show was a more serene drum meditation.

The grand opening events started at 2 p.m. and went on until about 10.

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