Police Negotiate Peaceful Surrender of Distressed Man at Six Trails Apartments in Saline

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 02/09/2018 - 05:59

Police successfully and safely negotiated a distressed individual from his apartment on the west side of Saline Thursday evening.

The scene was unnerving for Six Trails Apartment residents who were turned away from their homes as police, SWAT and paramedics staged at the entrance to their neighborhood.

Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart said police were called by a person who said their friend was talking to a 31-year-old Saline man who may have been a danger to himself.

“The information we had is that we had a subject who was having a mental health crisis and may have some weapons with them,” Hart said.

Saline Police called for the help of the Washtenaw County “response team” shortly after 7 p.m. A short time later, Saline residents saw a Washtenaw County Sheriff armored vehicle, the Washtenaw County Sheriff command unit and Ann Arbor police drive through town.

“We reached out to our partners through the Washtenaw County response team and set up a perimeter here and were able to successfully talk the individual out. He is on his way to the hospital for an evaluation,” Hart said. “He surrendered without incident, so it was a very successful operation in that respect.”

Residents of Six Trails were allowed entry into their complex around 9:45 p.m.

Chief Hart said he wasn’t aware of any threats made against others in the apartment.

He was asked if there was a threat about drugs or chemicals.

“There was information, early on, about a detergent the subject had made,” Hart said.

Hart said this information about detergent was not the reason for the police build up.

“The scene was built up because of the potential for the use of weapons. Our goal here was to prevent this individual from harming himself, police officers or civilians. This evening we were very successful in that outcome,” Hart said.

Police found weapons at the scene and took them for safe keeping, Hart said.

Saline’s new police chief was impressed by the way county law enforcement worked with the Saline Police Department.

“Law enforcement is a team effort. Whether you are a sheriff’s deputy, Saline PD or Ann Arbor PD, we can’t do this job alone. Other agencies have resources we may not have, whether that’s expertise or equipment,” Hart said. “We all lean on each other in times like this to have a successful outcome.”


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