Saline Man Arrested for Domestic Violence

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 12/19/2017 - 14:13

Saline Police arrested a 27-year-old old Clark Street man on domestic violence charges Dec. 18.

Police were called to an apartment at noon, approximately 40 minutes after the alleged incident occurred.  The victim, the suspect’s wife, said she returned home from a school Christmas concert and that her husband was angry about her coming home late. He flipped over a glass table that landed on her leg and broke into pieces, according to the report. She walked into their children’s bedroom and he followed. He allegedly threw her to the floor and placed a pillow over her face. He then allegedly threw her on to a bad and when she refused his advances, he allegedly head butted her in the face. She suffered a split lip.

The victim told police she screamed and beat on the walls hoping someone would hear her.

She was able to leave the apartment and see family.

The suspect denied throwing his wife to the ground and head-butting her. He said he tried to hug her while asking her not to leave.

The man was arrested and later transported to the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department jail.

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