Saline Police: Teens Shoot at Vehicle With Pellet Gun, Man Threatens Cyclist With Knife

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 09/16/2016 - 15:56

A Manitou Beach woman called police after juveniles allegedly shot pellets at her car Sept. 11. The woman was driving on Michigan Avenue near Tim Hortons when she saw youths telling out the windows of a newer silver Ford Escape.

She said a female in the passenger seat was pointing an airsoft pellet gun. The teenager allegedly fired the gun several times, hitting the passenger side of her vehicle several times.

Police could not find damage on the woman’s vehicle. Police checked with Tim Hortons but the restaurant did not have video of the incident.

Hit and Run

A Harris Street resident called police after someone apparently struck his vehicle, which was parked legally on the street. The hit-and-run occurred sometime between 11 p.m. Sept. 9 and 7:35 a.m. Sept. 10. Police were only able to find black paint on the damaged Pontiac G6.

Man Arrested After Crash

A 39-year-old Adrian man faces charges for driving a suspended license after crashing his 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Aug. 24. The crash occurred on Michigan Avenue, near the Rentschler Farm Museum. The driver was also arrested on warrants for possession of marijuana, driving without no license, speeding, driving with a suspended license, failure to obey a traffic signal, and other traffic offenses.

The man’s vehicle was totaled and towed to America One Towing. The man was turned over to Michigan State Police.

Hit and Run

A Chattanooga, Ten., man called police after his vehicle was damaged while it was parked on the west side of North Ann Arbor Street, near Michigan Avenue. The damage occurred Sept. 2.

Mysterious Backpack Found

A McDonald’s Restaurant employee called Saline Police after finding a beeping backpack in a dumpster behind the restaurant.

The employee found the backpack in the dumpster Aug. 20. When he touched the backpack it began to beep.

Police arrived and found several “spider wrap” security badges in the bag. These badges are used by retail outlets to prevent theft.

A Saline police detective spoke with officials at Wal-Mart who said the devices were not from their store.

Alleged Threat: "I'll cut your eyes out and stab you in the back"

A Saline man called police after another Saline man, armed with a knife, allegedly threatened to cut his eyes out and stab him in the back.

The 55-year-old Saline man was riding his bike through Maple Heights apartments when he stopped to inspect some items near the dumpster. He told police he stopped when he thought someone shot pellets at him. He asked two men outside one of the apartments if they shot at him. One of the men allegedly approached him and began yelling that he didn’t belong in the area.

The 55-year-old man told police he said, “What? Are you going to punch me?”

The individual, a 52-year-old Saline man, allegedly responded by saying “No. I’ll cut your eyes out and stab you in the back.”

He allegedly produced a knife and stabbed a rubber tote on the man’s buke.

Police interviewed the alleged bully, who said he ordered the man to leave but did not threaten the man or have a knife in his possession during the confrontation.

The victim stopped cooperating with police and no charges are imminent.

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