Ypsilanti Woman Accused of Stealing Goods and More From Saline Woman She Stayed With

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 06/22/2017 - 11:22

A 59-year-old Ypsilanti woman is accused of stealing from a Saline woman who hired her to prepare her home while she recovered.

In April, the 57-year-old Saline woman returned to her house on Maplewood Drive. She had let the Ypsilanti woman move in to her home while she was away.

When she returned to her home, she noticed her 55-inch television was gone. The Ypsilanti woman said she accidentally bumped into when cleaning, knocked it over and then put it in the trash.

In May, she received a call from Capital One asking about $500 in charges made the previous week at Smoker’s Shop, CVS and Wal-Mart. The charges were made while she was in Florida and she’d left the credit card at home.  Video at CVS and Speedway showed the suspect and an unknown male purchasing a $50 Lowes gift card.

After this incident, the Saline woman told the Ypsilanti woman that she was no longer allowed in her home.

The Saline woman then began taking inventory of her belongings. She was also missing an antique silver amethyst necklace with matching earrings. A 24-karat gold men’s ring, two Emporia Armani men’s watches (purple and blue), a gold, woman’s wedding ring with a half-karat diamond, an autographed University of Michigan football from the 1998 Rose Bowl game, a professional Denver Broncos football helmet belonging to her son, an Xbox gaming console and 10 games, a set of Rothschild fine China, and more.

When police called the suspect, she denied having any of the Saline woman’s possessions.

On May 9, the Saline woman called police to let them know the suspect had arrived at her home to remove her property from her basement.

Police arrested her for two bench warrants. Police interviewed her about the thefts from the Saline woman. She continued to deny she took anything. Asked about the purchase of a gift card, she said she didn’t know it was made with the victim’s card.

The prosecutor’s office as authorized a felony complaint of larceny in a building and four felony complaints for using a financial transaction device to steal.

Man Flies Into Rage, Strikes Truck

A 32-year-old Saline man told police he flew into rage and used a metal object to damage his ex-girlfriend’s Ford F150 during an altercation at Speedway June 19.

The couple have kids together and lived together in Saline Township before recently breaking up.

The woman told police that after blocking more than 50 calls from the man, she was at Speedway in Saline with a male friend when a car came roaring into the parking lot. The suspect was swearing when he used a metal object to smash her truck repeatedly, causing dents and scratches, according to the woman.

Police interviewed the suspect, who first said the woman’s friend swung at him with an object, causing his hand to bleed. He told police he punched the man several times to get the object out of his hand and then left. The police officer told the man that if his story doesn’t square with surveillance video, he would face additional charges. The suspect changed his story. He said he arrived at Speedway and saw his ex-girlfriend with the man. He said the woman motioned for him to come over to the truck when the man began challenging and taunting him. The suspect told the officer he has PTSD and anger issues. He charged the truck and began trying to hit the man with a metal object and only damaged the truck because it was in the way, he told police.

He apologized for the incident and said he would pay for damage to the truck.

Police have forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Man Flattens Tire of Ex's New Boyfriend's Jeep

A Belleville man told police that a 38-year-old Detroit man flattened his tire on Pleasant Ridge Drive on June 20.

The Belleville man had parked his Jeep on the street near his girlfriend’s driving. He and his girlfriend awoke to the sound of a car door slamming and saw the woman’s ex-boyfriend parked in the driveway behind her vehicle. They told police they saw the man lean over the man’s front right tire and make a jabbing motion. Then, when spotted, the suspect got into his vehicle and fled, according to the Saline resident.

The victim told police he wants prosecution.

Credit Card Fraud

A 31-year-old Saline man reported that someone used his name to open a Kohl’s credit card and then charged $820 in merchandise. The man told police that someone also tried to open lines of credit in his name with several other businesses.



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