SASC 50/50 raffle winnings up to $1950 now

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 11/14/2019 - 13:48

For the third year, Saline Area Senior Center has been holding a 50/50 raffle to raise funds for their Scholarship and Transportation Voucher Fund for low-income seniors in the Saline area. Last year's winner took home $1,569, which means they raised the same amount for their fund. This year, SASC has surpassed the goal of $1,700 and so far has raised $1,950 with 6 more days to go. You can help support those seniors in the area by purchasing a ticket at SASC, 7190 N. Maple (located behind the middle school), at Busch's from 11am-3pm on Friday, November 15, the Saline Farmer's Market, from 9am-12pm on Saturday, November 16, or at Brewed Awakenings.

Runner up prizes are also awarded including $50 to the Saline Rec Center, $50 to Busch's, $25 to Brewed Awakenings, and $20 to Saline Inn.

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Saline Area Senior Center