GALLERY: Saline Marching Band Honors Their Seniors

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 10/31/2019 - 17:31

The Saline High School marching band may have had its final Hornet Stadium performance of the year.

Last Friday was senior night for the marching band, directed by Nate Lampman. With the football team starting the playoffs on the road, it might have been the last time we saw this particular group at Hornet Stadium.

But fear not, you can still catch the band at community events like the Christmas Parade and Memorial Day Parade.

The marching band is led by drum majors Holden Collins and Sam Scarlett. Here's a complete list of the seniors honored:

Megan Bankowski

Nishan Bhattacharyya

Max Boies

Holden Collins

Dylan Conlon

Clara Cronin

Claudia Curcione

Spencer Dickensheets

Mickey Ducca

Morgan Fancher

Erik Firehammer

Ryan Greubel

Zoe Hajratwala

Sam Halloway

Aidan Hartman

Ricardo Hernandez Reyes

Nathan Holloway

Allison Houston

Kai Jackson

Janna Jacobson

Elizabeth Johnson

Ben Keith

Natalie Kolano

Ryan Lampman

YoYo Lao

Blake LaRusso

Ian Lebert

Cordelia Leon

Alex Lindemann

Maheel Luqman

Haley Mills

Seanna Nava Salazar

Carlos Nava-Reynoso

Kyle Nyitray

Bella Patel

Charlotte Peterson

Grace  Popa

Emma Rose Reilly

Sam Scarlett

Kim Schamberger

Hannah Shumway

Elizabeth Solis

Isabella Sowa

Ian Spitael

Josh VerWoert

Noah Walters

Allie Weaver

Jared   Webb

Elliott  Weigel

Wesley Welt

Will Wisner

Jenny Wolf

Aidan Yelsma

Eileen Zong

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