Meet New Saline Area Schools Teacher Caitlin Ellis

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 09/08/2017 - 00:12
Caitlin Ellis, a Saline High School graduate, returned from Bowling Green State University and will teach special education.

Classes at Saline Area Schools resumed this week with several new teachers in front of students.

Over the next couple weeks, we'll profile some of the district's new teachers.

Today, we start with teacher Caitlin Ellis.

Name: Caitlin Ellis

What you teach: Special Education- Resource Room

Where you teach: Heritage School

Hometown: Saline, MI

From what university did you graduate? Bowling Green State University

Describe your previous teaching or career experience: I am just starting out my teaching career.

Why did you choose your specific area/subject? Through the Connecting Program at Saline High School, I was able to work with students with different learning needs as well as Special Olympics and absolutely loved it. As a student, I also struggled in reading and math until about 6th grade but it was because of all the phenomenal teachers in SAS that got me to where I am today and made a positive difference in my life. 

Describe a satisfying moment on the job: I think anytime you see a student succeed, its a satisfying moment. Once a student is successful after repeatedly falling short of their goal, they are so happy and as a teacher that makes you feel like you did something right.

Who was your favorite or most influential teacher? Why? Lynne Coughlin was my most influential teacher because not only did she take time to help me when I was a struggling student but she helped me realize how much joy teaching can bring someone, as I was her cadet teaching in high school. Through all of the challenges she faced, she always seemed to love what she did and she gave 110% to her students everyday no matter what personal challenges she was going through.

Tell us something about you that might surprise your students? I really struggled to read until about 2nd grade. It was hard for me to hear so I could never really learned any of the sounds, making it really hard to learn to read.

How do you like to spend your time away from class? I love exercising, playing basketball or soccer, spending time with my family, and kayaking.

What’s your impression of Saline Area Schools since accepting the position? SAS is such a supportive school system, within a supportive community. Everyone is constantly trying to help and you might feel overwhelmed at first, since Saline has such high expectations, however, there are plenty of people to support you along the way.

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