Meet Saline Marching Band Major Michael Lance

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 09/15/2017 - 02:12
Michael Lance conducts the SHS Marching band at the Big House earlier this year.

There are 195 performers in the Saline High School marching band this year. Each year, the band plays the national anthem, entertains the crowd with a halftime routine, and enlivens parades from Homecoming to Memorial Day.

Over the next few weeks, The Saline Post profiles leaders in the band.

Meet Drum Major Michael Lance

Name: Michael Lance

Parents: Tom Lance / Marie Lance

Grade: Junior, 11th

Instrument: Tuba

Title in the band: Drum Major 

Describe your job in the band:

I undertake many jobs within the band. They can range anywhere from conducting the band to helping a member learn their drill. 

Above all, my number one job is to inspire those around me and keep a positive attitude.

What was your reaction when you learned of your new role? 

I was stunned when I first heard the position was granted to me. 

What do you like most about Friday nights at Hornet Stadium? 

What I enjoy most about Friday nights is the energy that floods the stadium.

Who is the funniest player in band? . Caleb Meehan

Do you have any Friday superstitions/routines? I always make a protein smoothie before I leave for the game.

Other sports and extracurricular activities:  Baseball and Jazz Band

Favorite subject in school: Chemistry

Favorite ice cream: Vanilla

Post high school plans: Attend college


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