Pleasant Ridge Students Learn Importance of Education and Dedication at Red Wings Assembly

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 10/05/2017 - 00:28
This Pleasant Ridge Student deked gym teacher Joe Welton out of his net in a shootout competition at the school Wednesday morning.

A goal is a goal – whether it’s putting the puck behind a goalie or working hard and realizing an objective.

Wednesday Morning, members of the Detroit Red Wings organization stopped by Pleasant Ridge Elementary School to show students it takes education and dedication to achieve a goal.

Although there weren’t any actual Red Wings players, the students had a blast at an assembly where they learned about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

Pleasant Ridge physical education teacher Joe Welton said students heard important messages.

“It was awesome. The kids learned great lessons about the importance of learning and dedicating themselves to exercise and healthy eating. It couldn’t be more valuable for our kids here at Pleasant Ridge,” Welton said.

It wasn’t all about learning, though. The Red Wings assembly crew brought fun. First they chose four kids – two kids on each team – to compete in a stickhandling relay. Kids used plastic-bladed street hockey sticks to take a hockey ball around plastic cones.

Then the students performed exercise routines -- stretching, jumping jacks and squats.

Finally it was time for what all the students were waiting for – students vs. teachers in a shootout.

Welton suited up as goalie for the teachers and Andrew Weaver donned the equipment for the students. In the end, two students put balls behind Welton and into the goal. Weaver shut down the teachers. The students won 2-0, to the delight of the cheering students in the gym.

The Red Wings staff left behind two street hockey nets, sticks, balls, and goalie equipment.

They also provided students with a folder with information about the Michigan Educational Savings Plan, exercise and healthy eating.


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