Saline Area Schools Moves to New Recruiting Provider

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 02/28/2019 - 11:58

Saline Area Schools administrators recently began migrating the district's recruiting efforts for teaching and other talent positions over to a new service provider that will allow the district to "self-brand" the service while avoiding additional costs.

The new provider is TalentED and the service they will provide the district is called Hire Pro, which helps school districts electronically manage the hiring process from posting the positions online to making the hire.

The district had manually handled the recruiting process until 2011, when Saline schools joined the Washtenaw Intermediate School District in using a service called AppliTrack.

"While there was a modest increase in cost as a result of the move, the ease of use from the applicant side resulted in a much deeper applicant pool for the overwhelming majority of our job postings," said Assistant Superintendent Curt Ellis, who oversees human resources for the district.

With AppliTrack being tied to the WISD consortium system; however, Saline schools was barred from using its full functionality and couldn't alter its format or function, according to Ellis.

AppliTrack was also recently purchased by another company that announced a 10 percent rate hike last year, so Saline's migration to TalendED's service will also help district residents avoid incurring that cost for an inferior hiring solution.

"The rate hike, coupled with the inability to brand the hiring solution as our own led us to search for another solution," Ellis said. 

The district has used TalentED for employee evaluation since 2012.

"Their customer service is exemplary, their product is very adaptable and, most importantly as we search for applicants capable of meeting the Saline Area Schools 21st century organizational objectives, we can brand the system as our own," Ellis said.

Saline schools began preliminary work implementing the system in January and will continue with staff training on the Hired Pro's use for the remainder of the current school year. 

 The system is expected to be fully operational by April just in time to begin having an impact on recruitment for the full 2019-2020 school year.


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