Saline Grads Have High Rate of Attaining College Degrees, Credentials

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 04/22/2019 - 13:01

At this moment the Saline Area Schools graduating class of 2013 is on average 24-years-old, have collectively attended 144 colleges, and consists of 471 students and 64 career tech students from other districts. The class of 2013 is also doing very well in college and is on track to increase the Saline school district's college graduation rate, according to a recent WISD presentation of data from the NCAA Clearinghouse as presented on the MI School Data website.

The class of 2013 has already seen 34 percent of its members complete their four-year degree - a significant increase from a previous class within the same period.

"Saline as a district has just become better and better and better," said WISD spokesperson Naomi Norman, speaking to the Saline Board of Education at a meeting in April. "You're one of the top schools in the region."

The numbers back her up.

Between the class of 2009 and the class of 2011, the college graduation rate among Saline Area Schools graduates has went from 63 percent to 70 percent.

Compared to 22 other high schools, including Chelsea, Dexter, Northville and Pioneer, Saline is ranked fifth place with Novi holding the top spot with 73 percent.

And Saline students aim high; 67 percent of graduates since 2010 shoot for four-year degrees, while 20 percent complete two-year degrees.

By the numbers:

  • Top college graduated from: University of Michigan (52 students)
  • 306 students only enroll in one college and stick with it to graduation (231 our of 306)
  • Of 2,476 U of M courses taken, students passed 96.4 percent of them.
  • While 52 students who failed 3 to 13 courses didn't graduate (only six did in that category), 180 students who failed zero courses didn't graduate compared to 211 students who did.
  • Health sciences is the most anticipated field of student at 26 percent, with STEM in second at 23 percent, and business in third at 19 percent.
  • The top three fields that students earned degrees in were health professions, business, and engineering showing a strong commitment to anticipated education plans.

For the full range of SAS graduate college stats see the full presentation downloadable below:

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