Saline High School Chamber Choir Performs at Grand Rapids

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 01/30/2018 - 00:17

The SHS Chamber Choir had a very successful weekend performing and presenting at the 13th Annual Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids 1/25-1/27. This is the largest statewide conference for music educators in Michigan, and the Chamber Choir was one of just a handful of choirs from across the entire state to be selected to perform. It's the equivalent of being a "state champ" in choir! They excelled with an expressive and entertaining 20 minute performance during MSVMA Choral Hour. 

They also assisted choir teacher Ms. Sarah Price with her conference session for other music teachers, "Circlesinging for Squares," that discussed vocal improvisation games for all music ensemble types. Choirs not only demonstrated various improvisation games but also led teachers in totally improvised songs together. 

Singers Jake White, Jane Altevogt, and Stefania Gonzalez did double duty and performed with the MSVMA SATB and SSAA State Honors Choirs as well.

Price said the choir was thankful for the support of school administrators, the music boosters and Saline community.

"It was an inspiring weekend and the choir represented Saline's vision of excellence beautifully!" Price said.

Below is video of the chamber choir performing for the Saline Board of Education late last year.

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