Saline High School Singers Earn Top Marks at Festivals

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 03/28/2017 - 16:44
The Saline High School boys Chamber Choir is pictured.

Vocal music teacher Sarah Price congratulated the Saline High School Choirs for fantastic performances at MSVMA District Choral Festival, March 13 at Clarenceville High School.

Each choir performed two pieces for a panel of adjudicators, received a clinic with a master teacher, and then sight-read a completely new piece of music. Our three curricular choirs, Chamber Choir, Colla Voce and Concert Choir, all received the highest Division 1 rating of "Excellent," and the Chamber Choir even had the the highest score of the day, earning 119 of 120 total points.

Get a quick soundbite of the Chamber Choir pieces from our Pre-Festival Concert on March 7th, courtesy Assistant Principal Stager.

On March 25, at Avondale High School, the Chamber Choir Boys, Chamber Choir Girls and Ten Tones all received the top rating of "Excellent" at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Each group received perfect scores for sight-reading.

The Ten Tones were also selected as a Large Ensemble Finalist for the Michigan Youth Arts Festival. They are on a very short statewide list of ensembles whose recordings will be sent to a listening panel and may be selected to perform at this prestigious festival in May. 

Soloists also sang beautifully and all received the top 2 ratings of "Excellent (I)" and "Good (II)." Solos and duets included Brittany Bryant, Caitlin Sundquist, Jimmy Lancaster, Jane Altevogt, Grace Edwards, Anna Sellers, Jenna Allman, Joseph Pryor, Claudia Curcione, Skylar Brodnan, Audrey Barsch, Kelly Adamovicz and Jake White.

"We are so proud of our choir teams who work incredibly hard together to create beauty, express a story, and represent Saline with outstanding excellence. Bravo choirs" Price said. "Thanks to all the families, staff, and community members that support our singers!"

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