Saline Parents, Staff Rate School District as 'Excellent'

 08/14/2017 - 00:53

Saline Area Schools released a study that shows parents, staff and students think highly of their educational experience in the district.

Superintendent Scot Graden briefly discussed the K12 Insights study at last Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting (PDF attached below).

There were nearly 500 fewer responses to the survey in 2017 than the previous year. 1,339 parents, 275 staff members and 749 students participated. On the whole, a strong majority of parents (69 percent) and staff members (68 percent) rate the district as excellent, while another 28 percent of each rank the district as good.

The numbers aren’t as positive with students, where only 30 percent rated the district as excellent, 54 percent rated the district as good and 13 percent rated the district as fair – presumably leaving three percent to rate the district as poor.

According to Graden, it’s normal for students to rate their district worse than parents and staff members. But he noted that Saline students rated the district higher than most students did around the country.

Overall, Graden was happy with the numbers – especially because of the way parents and staff attitudes were similar.

“It’s great when you have alignment like that. These surveys are conducted across the country in thousands of school districts. The perception of our school district ranks very highly compared to national averages,” Graden said.

Graden was also heartened to see positive feedback about some of the district’s areas of investment.

“If you look at the numbers around technology, they’re very high. And our safety feedback went up as well. We’ve made investments in safety and security and seen movement there,” Graden said.

Graden said Assistant Superintendent Steve Laatsch will dive into the numbers and work with focus groups to determine how to build on strengths and strengthen some of the weaker areas.

“We want to see students develop a love of learning – so they continue to learn throughout their lives. It’s a leading indicator, relative to our future success,” Graden said.

Here’s a sampling of the best and worst ratings by parents, staff and students. For the full report, download the PDF below.



  • The school is clean – 97 percent.
  • Students have access to technology and the internet – 96 percent


  • Staff and students treat each other with respect -- 96 percent
  • The School has high learning standards for all -- 94 percent
  • There is a staff member to whom students can go to help with a school problem -- 94 percent
  • Administrators make decisions that are in the best interest of students -- 94 percent


  • I have access to computers and the internet at school to do my work – 91 percent
  • I have access to computers and the internet at home to do my work – 90 percent



  • Healthy food served 17 percent
  • Teachers don’t successfully show students how lessons relate to life 13 percent


  • The school is well-maintained with working air-conditioning and heat, adequate lighting and well-kept grounds – 13 percent
  • Discipline is enforced fairly – 12 percent


  • Teachers show students how life lessons relate to life outside school – 61 percent
  • High quality food is served at this school – 54 percent
  • Teachers give timely feedback about student work – 41 percent
  • Students at this school are treated fairly regardless of their race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disabilities – 32 percent


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