Severance Package Leads to Exodus at Saline Area Schools

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 06/10/2019 - 23:27
Alicia Seegert will retire from teaching physical education and coaching softball.

The Saline Board of Education will recognize retiring staff at Tuesday’s Board of Education. This year’s roster of retirees is long – with some of the district’s most recognizable times.

Among the retirees are teachers Diana Aikens, Scott Theisen, Al Leslie, Alicia Seegert, Michael Karapas, Janice Martin, Sandra Miller, Scott Stull, Linda Heath, Pete Loveland, Sherry McCargar, Susan Rosanski and Linda McCormick.

One of the reasons for the number of retirees is a severance incentive in the collective bargaining agreement between the school district and the Saline Education Association. According to Curt Ellis, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, 20 certified staff members declared their intention to sever their service to the district by the April 5 deadline.

Of those 20, 16 will retire this year, receiving an additional $45,000 over the next three years, including $22,500 this year, $15,000 next year and $7,500 the following year. There were four teachers who elected to retire in June of 2020. They’ll receive 50 percent of the incentive, including $15,000 in 2020 and $7,500 in 2021.

Ellis said it was too early to say what kind of savings the district will see as a result of the retirements. The district is still in the process of hiring teachers.

“That being said, both the (union) and the district felt that executing this provided us with a bit of a salary re-set which could allow us to provide some off-schedule payments to those at the top of our scales,” Ellis said.

Some teachers have already been hired. Laura Vaccaro will teach at Heritage. Robert Palazzolo will teach at the high school.



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