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 07/09/2015 - 01:29

Ever wish you could search old Saline Reporter issues on Google?

You can. I do it all the time, thanks to work by the Saline District Library and Central Michigan University.

Say you wanted to Google Craig Hoeft (Sorry Chief, it's the price of fame).

Go to Google, type in CONDOR "Craig Hoeft" Saline.

You won't get a ton of results at first. On the first page of the results, scroll all the way down and click to allow similar omitted results.


Now you should see four pages of results. You can find all kinds of great things, like the Saline football team picture from 1973.

You can also scroll through issues in chronological order.

1958-1979 -…/landingpage/collection/salinerep1
1980-1999 -
2000 to 2014 -
You can also find electronic archives of the Saline Observer, which predated the report.

Now here's another little trick. You might have noticed that the page with Chief's football team ( actually a JPG file, just like the images on Facebook or anywhere else on the Internet. You're probably thinking, I wouldn't mind saving that front page.

But you try to "right-click save" it only saves a portion of it. 


That's no good.

So instead of right-click saving, do this. Right-click and then open link/image in a new tab or page. A new window pops up with the following URL:

That's a long, confusing seqence of letters and numbers. But adjusting them will fix our problem. So go into the URL bar and erase "512" and replace it with 1024.. You need to do this for both instances.

Now your URL will read:

And you'll get a full image below


That's pretty cool, right? Save that to your hard drive (right-click/save). Give it a good name, like "Saline Reporter, Sept 15, 1973, Page 1," or whatever will make it easier to find later.

Thing is, you can hardly read the text in that JPG because the resolution is low.

You can take another step in the URL bar to fix that. Remember that URL?

This time where it says DMSCALE=15, change that 15 to 30. Also, change the DMWIDTH and DMHeight from 1024 to 2048.

Now save it again, with a good name. You won't be able to see the improved resolution on this page, but you'll see it when you open your image on your computer.


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