Amadi and the Defensive Line Answered Preseason Questions With Hard Work

 10/12/2017 - 11:26
Kingsley Amadi is greeted by young fans as he's introduced as a starter before last Friday's Saline football game.

When the season started, the biggest question surrounding the Hornets was the defensive line. Sean O’Keefe, the Powers brothers and Justice Moss graduated. Even coach Palka acknowledged the questions.
Thanks to the work of Kingsley Amadi, Trevor Garbo, Danny Weidmayer and Brad Wisniewski. Of that group, only Weidmayer had significant playing time last year. Amadi was injured most of the year.

Meet Kingsley Amadi

The DLine was considered a question mark for this team early this year. Now it must be considered a strength. How did the guys on the line respond to those early questions? We used it as an opportunity to show people how hard working and tough we are and prove the doubters wrong about the D-Line's ability to perform this season. 

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Describe your favorite moment as a Hornet football player:  My favorite moment as a Hornet football player was getting the chance to play in the Big House. Despite losing the game, it'll be something I'll remember forever. 

What does it mean to you to win the SEC in your senior year:   Winning the SEC in my senior year means a lot, especially when thinking about the fact that throughout my high school career Saline has never lost the SEC. It feels great to be part of such a successful program. 

How important is winning the Ypsilanti game?  The Ypsilanti game is just as important as any game we play. We're going to prepare with the same intensity and finish off the season strong. 

What do you like most about Friday nights at Hornet Stadium?  My favorite thing about Friday Nights at Hornet Stadium is the atmosphere. Seeing the whole community gather to watch us play really fires us up and makes the game even more fun to play. 

The team is obviously rolling right now. What’s the atmosphere like around the locker room?  The atmosphere in the locker room is pretty calm. We're obviously excited about the way we're playing but we're always looking for things to improve on so we can keep performing well.

Describe your gameday mentality in one word:  Calm 

Song that gets you pumped up to play:  Love Sosa 

Do you have any gameday superstitions/routines?  No superstitions or routines really 

Who is the funniest player on the team?  Andrew Diuble 

Who’s an unsung hero on this team?  Brad Wisniewski 

Other sports and extracurricular activities:  Lacrosse 

Favorite subject in school:  Anatomy 

Favorite ice cream:  Cookies and Cream 

What are your plans for next year? I plan on going to college to study Pharmacy

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