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Wednesday, 2019 May 15th

Wednesday, 2019 Apr 24th

Tuesday, 2019 Apr 16th

Friday, 2019 Mar 29th

This morning's greeting is from Police Chief Jerrod Hart, cafe owner Karen Carrigan and Officer Dave Ringe. On Wednesday, Chief Hart held a...


Thursday, 2019 Mar 28th

Wednesday, 2019 Mar 06th

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Friday, 2019 Jan 18th

Tuesday, 2018 Nov 20th

Wednesday, 2018 Oct 31st

Wednesday, 2018 Sep 05th

Tuesday, 2018 Jul 10th

With several projects under construction and more planned, the City of Saline has decided new rules are necessary to protect residents' quality of...


Sunday, 2018 Jun 24th

Thursday, 2018 May 10th

Tuesday, 2018 Apr 17th

Tuesday, 2018 Apr 10th

Thursday, 2018 Mar 15th


Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart is crediting an alert community member and good police...


Friday, 2018 Mar 09th