Saline's New AD, Kirk Evenson, Knows He Made the Right Choice

“I took the opportunity to apply here because it’s Saline. Saline is a place I’ve had my eye on. It is known state-wide as an educational powerhouse.  I wouldn’t just leave my 20-year career in Hartland for any place. I knew Saline was a very special place. Now that I’ve been here, it’s absolutely true,” Evenson said.

New Website Offers Visitors, Residents an Enticing View of Saline’s Many Attractions

The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of an outstanding new resource for Saline visitors, residents and businesses alike – a new website located at  The website launch represents the next phase in the rol

News Guy is Lightly Salty About a New Community Brand

“Lightly Salted” comes with a beautiful logo. But what do the words tell you? Yes, Saline was named for the salt springs that brought animals, native Americans and French fur traders to the area hundreds of years ago. But is salt bringing anyone to town today? What does “Lightly Salted” tell you about Saline, if you’re not from here? Anything that would convince you to visit?

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