City Invesigates Odor As Residents Cry Foul

 02/28/2015 - 01:26

Is something rotten in the City of Saline?

Saline residents, especially those on the south side, near the wastewater treatment plant, are crying foul.

“I just let the dog out and about gagged it’s so bad right now. My son asked what that horrible smell was, and the door was only open for a couple seconds. Ridiculous,” said Sydney Hardy, who lives close enough to the plant to see the tanks from a neighbor’s yard. “It’s been horrible this year. We’ve never had problems in the winter. This morning, inside the house smelled. This is the worse it’s been since we’ve been here.”

While residents in the Mark Hannah Court/Henry Street are accustomed to periodic outdoor odors, the odors usually don’t permeate their homes.

City Manager Todd Campbell said city staff investigated sewer-like odors near Mark Hannah Court and near Henne Field – the site of the first complaint. Campbell said the investigation was inconclusive.

“Staff has checked the collection system (manholes) and the treatment system (the Waste Water Treatment Plant itself) and everything is operating normally; nothing appears out of the ordinary,” Campbell wrote in an email. “Typically, there are not odor issues during the cold winter months.  Unfortunately, staff’s investigation is currently inconclusive as we have not been able to identify the cause of the strong odor.  Staff will be back on-scene in the morning to continue investigating the origination of the odor.”

After receiving a couple of complaints from residents, The Saline Post polled residents on Facebook, asking residents to rate the odor problem from 1 to 10 (10 being worst).




Here's how residents answered:

Kristine Binetti Frey: 1 no smell on S Ann Arbor.

Tammie Fielder King: 10 - when near Victory Lane (with the windows up!)

Jon Weisenreder: 10 I can smell it from Mark Hannah ct

Andrea Carpenter Kilbane: 20... So bad

Carolyn Decker Hogan: I smelled it outside our house at 4:00am this morning on Old creek Drive. It was bad then.

Rachel Scott-Barsch: 0 in my house, but 7 when driving.

Kelly Driscoll Saiyacork: 9.5. Smells awful from St. Pauls Church to Mickys.

Celyn Rogers: 10 Willis rd

Karen Culver: Ugh its absolutely horrendous in town!!! 10!!

Theresa Zahn 10...driving on Monroe with windows up too. I feel bad for people near by.

Paula Lowry: I was on Monroe near Michigan and could not figure out what the smell was. Its a 10.

Karen Tuttle: 10 from my living room.

Hope Dele>her yard. This morning inside the house smelled. This is the WORST it's even been since we've been here. We rent and the smell alone is a big factor in whether we buy. It's a shame. We love the neighbourhood we are in.

Sydney Hardy: I just let the dog out and about gagged its so bad right now. My son asked what that horrible smell was, and the door was only open for a couple seconds. Ridiculous.

Sydney Hardy: I would say a 10 right now.

Thomas Moore: I'm a east sider and I smelled something nasty when my wife and I left Dan's. I wondered what that was.

Michelle Adams-Houston: I thought it was my car lol

Heidi McClelland: 7-8 and it's around the corner from us... ugh!! Thank god it's cold outside.

Erin Bowbeer Babiak: close to a 10!

Michelle Champagne: Drove through there the other day and I couldn't figure out what the smell was. My 3 year old was plugging his nose in the car with windows up. Glad I don't live in town anymore and sorry for those who do. Definitely a 10.

Cynthia Stahl Barcome: I'm not sure if it was the sewer but it smelled bad near the cemetery as we drove on Michigan Ave. this evening.

Thomas Moore: How long has it been smelling so bad? Are they cleaning the collection tanks or something like that? Maybe some kind of back flush.

Vicki Marken-Horn: Henry st BAD!!!!!


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