Gubernatorial Candidate Schauer in Saline to Stump for Rep. Driskell

 04/18/2014 - 18:40

Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer was at Mangiamo Italian Grille in Saline Wednesday to stump for State Rep. Gretchen Driskell, who officially launched her re-election campaign.

In a short speech introducing Driskell, Schauer did stumping for Driskell, congressional candidates Pam Byrnes and Debbie Dingell, and for himself.

Schauer represented Saline in the Congressional 7th district for two years, defeating incumbent Tim Walberg in 2008 before losing the seat to Walberg in 2010.

“It felt like I represented Saline for about five minutes. I miss being your congressman. But, good news, I'm going to be your governor,” Schauer said to applause.

Schauer told the audience that he believed in strong, powerful, smart and capable women.

“You have that in Gretchen Driskell,” Schauer said before adding Dingell, Byrnes and Lisa Brown, his running mate, to the roster.

“I really do believe it's the women that will decide this next election,” Schauer said.

Schauer said he was big fan of Driskell and was grateful she chose to run in 2012.

“Gretchen is always responsive, accountable and transparent – things we expect in our public officials,” Schauer said.

He said Driskell had the “right values” and understands what it takes to strengthen the economy.

“First, it's about educating the people and having great schools. It's about healthy, quality communities, including good infrastructure,” Schauer said. “These are the keys to building a strong economy and a strong middle class.”

Schauer said Driskell's values are in contrast to the values of Republicans in Lansing.

“They've got their priorities in the wrong place. We've seen that from the nerd governor's trickle down economics, paid for by cutting fund for education and our communities; raising taxes on retirees and working families, and even the working poor, people we want to give a pay raise to, by raising the minimum wage.”

Schauer said he and Driskell were a little bit like each other.

“We know a little bit about winning tough elections. We've beaten out-of-touch Republican incumbents,” Schauer said, boasting that Gov. Rick Snyder will be the third.




Tran Longmoore
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