Britton Man Arrested for Turfing Union School Lawn

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 10/01/2014 - 14:56

A 22-year-old Britton man was arrested for drunk driving and “turfing” the lawn at the old Union School in Saline Sept. 27.

About 2 a.m., a Quantum Signal official staying late to work programs was woken up by the sound of an accelerating vehicle. He called police after he looked out a window and saw a maroon vehicle leaving the parking lot area, traveling on to the lawn and then up and over railroad tiles.

Police arrived and arrested the man for drunk driving and malicious destruction of property. Tire tacks showed the man went over the curb on North Ann Arbor, drive next to the building, entered the parking lot, turned around, and drove through the lawn and over the railroad ties before parking his vehicle.

The vehicle was impounded and towed by America One Towing. The case has been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Woman Ticketed for Loose Dog

A 54-year-old Macon Road woman was ticketed for having a pet off a leash after another woman spotted a stray dog Sept. 26 and, afraid it might be hit by a vehicle, brought it to the Saline Police Station for safe-keeping.

The woman spotted a young black dog running loose near Macon and Huntington. Police located the owner, who said the dog somehow got off its leash. Police noted the woman had five previous animal violations.

Sheffield Drive Vehicle Egged

A 54-year-old Sheffield Drive woman reported that her daughter’s vehicle was egged sometime overnight, Sept. 26-27.

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