Saline Woman Arrested for Stolen iPhone

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 11/18/2014 - 15:16

A 35-year-old Saline woman was arrested for allegedly stealing an iPhone from a Pittsfield Township tanning salon. Pittsfield Police asked Saline Police for assistance recovering the phone. Pittsfield Police “pinged” the phone and it led to the woman’s house on Harper Drive. Officers from the two departments went to the house. The woman told police that she had possession of the phone. She said that she’d lost her phone a few days ago and believed karma was providing her a new one. The woman then told police that she recently bought the phone from her ex-husband and that since she knew the “unlock code,” it must be hers and not stolen.

Police found the phone on a living room table. Pittsfield Police took custody of the phone, booked the suspect at the Pittsfield Township Police Station, and then released the woman pending authorization of charges.

Adrian Man Accused of Beating Girlfriend

A 24-year-old Adrian man was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence Nov. 13 at a Burwyck Park Drive home.

At 6:25 a.m. Police were called to the home by the man they eventually arrested. He claimed his 22-year-old girlfriend, a resident of the home, scratched him and was going to claim that it “was all him,” according to the Saline Police Department report. Police were greeted at the door by a crying woman with dried blood on her lip. She complained of having a dislocated jaw and a swollen face from a beating she withstood.

She told police the couple had been drinking the night before. At 6 a.m., she woke up to a loud television downstairs. She turned it down and he turned it back up. She turned it down and he became angry. She said he punched in her in the head repeatedly and slammed her to the ground. She escaped and went upstairs and packed his belongings, asking him to leave. He continued hitting her, she said, and slammed her head against the closet door.

She grabbed the phone to call police and he reportedly threatened her and continued to hit her. She left the home to get in her car to go to the police station. He stood in front of her car. She honked the horn several times while he called police, she said.

She was transported to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment.

The man told police his girlfriend grew angry because he received a text from his son’s mother. He decided he was leaving and she tried to stop him with a “bear hug. He said he pushed her away to shed her clutch. He also told police she tried to run him over with her vehicle.

He was arrested and lodged at the Washtenaw County Jail.

Complaint Authorized Against Evicted Woman

A resident of Thorncrest Apartments complained she was harassed by a 47-year-old neighbor about to be evicted.

A misdemeanor breach of peace complaint was authorized against the woman, who was notified of the eviction Sept. 29 and, according to people interviewed by police, become more hostile since. On Oct. 14 the woman allegedly pounded on a neighbors door, accusing her of being a tattle-tale and also threatened physical harm to the resident and her cat.

The misdemeanor charge carries up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

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