Salinians Line Up for Benny's Paczkis on Fat Tuesday

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 02/09/2016 - 17:11


alinians were lined up in Benny’s Bakery Tuesday morning to buy Paczkis individually, by the bagful or large cartons, in spite of the snowy beginning of “Fat Tuesday.”       

Fat Tuesday marks the last day of indulgence before the beginning of Lent for those who observe it as a period of penance and self-denial. Paczkis (pronounced Poonch-key) are rich Polish pastries served at this time and are enjoyed both by people preparing for Lent and those who are not.

The deep-fried delicacies are filled with sweet fillings. While Benny’s Bakery in Saline has the more traditional prune-filled variety, they also serve them with strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apple, crème and chocolate fillings.



Benny's was doing a brisk business in spite of the snow.

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