Teens Avoid Graffiti Charges By Agreeing to Clean Up Park

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 04/15/2015 - 15:21

Four Saline Area Schools students will engage in park clean-up efforts after admitting to writing graffiti on a play structure at Brecon Park April 13.

A Saline woman noticed the graffiti and a group of teenagers hanging around the merry-go-round. Police investigated and found several crude messages and drawings. From the graffiti and witness remarks, police were able to learn the identity of a couple suspects after speaking with Saline Middle School officials. Police interviewed a 13-year-old middle school student who copped to the graffiti.  Saline Police also interviewed three Saline Alternative High School students, ages 16-19, who admitted responsibility for the damage.

All four students were apologetic and agreed to remove the markings and spend time cleaning up a local park. No charges will be pressed.

Bike Stolen

An antique Schwinn bicycle was stolen from a garage on the 200 block of South Ann Arbor Street. The 44-year-old owner of the bike said it was stolen April 9-10. The bike is described as blue with red crosses on both tire fenders. The bike has a black padded seat and white-wall tires.

Statues Found

A 63-year-old resident on the 100 block of North Maple Road told police that when she went outside April 11, she found three ceramic statues on her back porch.

The statues depicted an eagle, greyhound and giant “Foo Dog of the Forbidden City.” The Foo Dog had been reported stolen by a 37 year old Mills Street resident April 10.


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