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 10/24/2016 - 21:44

Do you remember the ongoing comedy sketch As the Stomach Turns which aired during the Carol Burnett Show?  It was introduced during the first season 1967-68 and continued to air installments through the remainder of its 11-season run that ended in 1978. 

Saline Area Players are presenting The Best of Carol Burnett Sketches November 1-4 at Fifth Corner, 211 Willis, in Saline.  The show will include many fun sketches from the original TV show.  One of the highlights will be an installment of As The Stomach Turns.  On the original TV show, this vignette was a spoof that parodied the ongoing soap opera As the World Turns.  It took place in Canoga Falls and always included a woman named Marion (played by Carol Burnett) who had a “problem” (like she was turning into a kleptomaniac) and came to her friend for advice.  During the sketch, various unusual characters would show up at the door, often including Marion’s long lost daughter.  Regular funny bits happened during the sketches parodying some of the gaffes that have occurred in real soap operas, like missing sound cues for phones/doorbells, and having too loud organ music.  The sketch always ended with the announcer asking foreboding nonsensical questions about the characters and their future.

To find out what "Marion's problem" is, depicted in the picture, come to SAP's The Best of Carol Burnett Sketches November 3-6.  Tickets are $20 and include samplings of local beverages/food.  Doors open 30 minutes before the show.  The seating is general admission.  The venue is not handicap accessible. 

Full information is on the website at   Also check out SAP’s Facebook event invite and take a peek at some preview photos: