End of the Line for Saline Reporter Newspaper?

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 03/24/2014 - 14:54

The Saline Reporter newspaper, founded by Paul Tull in 1948, may see its run come to an end in 2014.

In a note to readers posted on the Saline Reporter's website Monday, Heritage Newspapers publisher Jim O'Rourke wrote that the company's Washtenaw County newspapers will be combined into a “robust” weekly newspaper called “Washtenaw Now.”

“The new publication will feature more coverage of news and issues across Washtenaw County while increasing the amount of relevant, engaging local information and advertising,” O'Rourke wrote, adding that each community will have its own pages in the newspaper, and that company will maintain separate websites for the communities.

O'Rourke said delivery will continue as usual.

The Saline Post attempted to reach O'Rourke for comment. He did not return the call.

For the full note, click here.

For more on the history and founder of The Saline Reporter, see this post by Tom Kirvan on the Detroit Legal News.

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