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 06/27/2019 - 23:54

The Manchester Community Fair, Chelsea Community Fair, and Saline Community Fair are pleased to present our “Around the Fairs in 55 Days” promotion in 2019. Visit at least 2 fairs in Washtenaw County and turn in your passport at the Chelsea Community Fair or Saline Community Fair, and you will be entered into a drawing for prizes.  There will be a drawing for those who visit two fairs, and a separate drawing for those who visit all three fairs.  The drawings will be held on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 8:00 PM at the Saline Community Fair. The passports need to be turned in by 5 pm. Sunday, September 1, 2019.   The passports will be available at the entry gates of the Manchester Community Fair or the Chelsea Community Fair and will be available on each fairs’ websites to download. 

 Each of the fairs will feature many wonderful events from animal shows, carnivals, youth recognition, demolition derbies, tractor pulls, children’s day events, and special events for ladies and seniors.

To see what each fair has planned for this summer you can visit their websites or Facebook pages. Don’t delay though, the Manchester Community Fair begins on July 9.

The Manchester Community Fair (

The Chelsea Community Fair (

The Saline Community Fair (

Make your plans now to spend some of your summer visiting 2 or 3 of these wonderful Washtenaw County Fairs and enter for a chance to win a prize. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Cindy Radak at [email protected]

We hope to see you this summer during our Around the Fairs in 55 days event.

Nancy Diuble Thelen
Thelen retired from MSU Extension in 2015 and is an active volunteer with the Saline Community Fair, Washtenaw County Farm Bureau and 4-H.