Boy Scout Anders Jacobsen Gains Approval to Build Pasture Fence at Rentschler Farm Museum

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 07/12/2018 - 14:36
Boy Scout Anders Jacobsen addresses Saline City Council Monday.

Anders Jacobsen, of Boy Scouts Troop 416, plans to build a pasture fence around a small orchard at the Rentschler Farm Museum.

Jacobsen, working to attain rank of Eagle Scout, received Saline City Council's approval for the project. The museum, while operated by the Saline Area Historical Society, is property of the City of Saline.

According to Jacobsen, members of the historical society want to start an orchard to beautify the farm. Sheep in the same pasture eat the buds and kill the trees.

Jacobsen proposed 160 feet of fenching around the trees, allowing them to grow while protected from the sheep.

"This will not only benefit the farm but the community by providing protection to the nice looking trees that can be seen from Michigan Avenue," Jacobsen told council.

Jacobsen has budgeted $940 and will be fundraising for the project. He hopes to have the work completed by October.


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