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 08/06/2017 - 15:33

Hello friends and readers,

I’m writing again because of the overwhelming (to me) response to my decision to close The Saline Post.

Many people have asked me to reconsider. Others have asked how they can help. My decision wasn’t based on burnout, a desire to stop, or health issues. It was based only on revenue.

Realistically, to continue operating the Post as it is today, I need to generate an additional $1,000/month in revenue. To improve the Post, I must generate about $2,000/month.

In an era when local businesses are spending their advertising dollars with corporations like Facebook, local news must turn to readers for support.

Below is a form you can use to donate/subscribe to The Saline Post. If you can donate, please do. If you can’t, but would like to contribute, please share this link with others.


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For those that do no wish to use Paypal, you can mail a check to:


325 N Lewis St
Saline, MI

By next Sunday, if we reach a $1,000/month commitment, I’ll be in a position to continue operating The Saline Post.

If not, you’ll be refunded. I'll leave The Saline Post up as a place where people can post news, events and classifieds, and I'll still share it, when time permits, on the social media pages.

The Saline Post isn’t the only local news in town. Reporter Angelo Parlove does a nice job for The Sun Times. The Ann Arbor News still makes it to Saline from time to time.

The Saline Post, I like to think, does it different. We’re more hawkish when it comes to local government. We go out to fires at 2 a.m. We’re a little more old school, using new tech, with our school and sports coverage. And we do more to celebrate triumphs in Saline.

Nobody likes to pay for news, or any content, on the Internet. I get that. I only subscribe to two news sites myself.

But that’s the only way forward for The Saline Post.

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Tran Longmoore
Tran Longmoore is a veteran community journalist. He is founder and owner of He is co-publisher of The Saline Post weekly newspaper. Email him at [email protected] or call him at 734-272-6294.

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