Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Dec 3, 2017

 12/10/2017 - 07:57
Forums on The Saline Post
Four new sections have been added in The Saline Post Forums, including a now-dedicated area for the popular "Saline Selects" threads.

Looking back on last week, two articles saw the greatest number of Comments. Topping the list was "City Council Questions Cost Overrun Before Paying Paving Bill." "How to Celebrate 'Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day' in Saline"/3 has three so far.

Following is a list of other articles where readers like you had something more to add after the piece was first published.

The Forums had a notable uptick in activity. A second thread featuring photographs of five more "Saline Cars" was completed in the "General discussion" section. "Around Town" had a number of contributions in "In The Air Tonight: Wastewater Treatment Plant Oder Thread." Check out the photograph on "Pretty sky at rush hour" here as well.

Finally: Based on topic activity, The Saline Post has added four new stand-alone sub-Forum sections:

Perhaps not surprisingly, action so far is centered on the last one. Watch it for contest nominations and voting (some of which come with prizes).

Until next week: This is your community. Get involved here!

Dell Deaton
Saline High School, Class of 1981. Live in the city and vote. I am a local business owner (d2 Saline aka D2 Enterprises), and have been since August 12, 1983. Photographer, watch historian, and museum exhibit curator. Investor in the Best Western Premier Saline hotel project. My business pays for advertising on The Saline Post. I also write for this site, without compensation, and all opinons expressed are solely my own.

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