Robison-Bahnmiller Funeral Home Donation Helps Saline Area Social Service Near Goal

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 04/09/2018 - 18:23
Steve Robison and Larry Griffin, Jr., directors at Robison-Bahnmiller Funeral Home, present a check to Jamail Aikens (center), executive director of Saline Area Social Service.

Robison-Bahnmiller Funeral Home presented Saline Area Social Service with a check for $3,300 earlier this year. The family-owned funeral home asked people to donate in a box at the funeral home and then offered to match the donations.

The donation included an individual donation of $1,000 and a $510 donation from City of Saline employees.

Jamail Aikens is executive director of Saline Area Social Service, which helps hundreds of local families and individuals each month with a  food bank, paper products and other assistance.

The donations were made during the holidays.

“People always need help. But that’s when people are most generous,” Aikens said.

That generosity is important.

“Because when we end the year well, we can start the year well. Over the next few months, donations dip. So this helps us get started for the following year,” Aikens aid.

Saline Area Social Service has an annual operating budget of $250,000. By early January, they’d raised $200,000.

“So donations like this help put us in a good starting position,” Aikens said.

Fundraising is now up to $215,000, which funds about 4,800 trips to the pantry. Saline Area Social Service wants to raise another $25,000 – another 500 trips to the pantry. People can “sponsor a trip to the pantry” by clicking here.

There are other opportunities to give.

Busch’s Fresh Food Market is sponsoring the All About Children food drive May 7-May 16.   There will be multiple ways to donate from cash donations, to purchasing a ready-to-go food bag to dropping off non-perishable items to donating your bottle and can slips when you return them. 

On May 12, the United States Postal Service will conduct a nation-wide food drive. Mail carriers will distribute bags May 7-11 and pick up bags of non-perishable food items May 12.

All bags collected in the 48176 zip code will be donated to stock the shelves at Saline Area Social Service.


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