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 08/19/2016 - 16:26

Saline Area Social Service is honored to be invited back to partner with Meijer this Spring to provide much-needed hunger relief to local families through the retailer’s customer-driven food pantry donation program, Simply Give.  As part of this partnership, Saline Area Social Service is the sole recipient of all Simply Give program donations purchased at the Meijer store at 3145 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd in Ann Arbor, Mich.

This campaign, which is running now through Saturday, September 24th, encourages customers to purchase $10 or more Meijer Food Pantry Donation Cards upon checkout.  Donations cards are converted into Meijer food-only gift cards and then given to Saline Area Social Service at the end of the campaign. 

“Our pantry supply continues to have a high demand, and after this summer, our supply is significantly low and we’re in need of some additional support,” said Saline Area Social Service Executive Director, Jamail Aikens.  “Last year, Meijer’s Simply Give program was a huge help in fulfilling our pantry needs for up to six months.  With this program’s support, we were able to secure discounts, purchase larger quantities and select wider varieties of healthy fruits, vegetables, meat and special diet needs within our community that we weren’t able to previously provide.”  

What makes this program particularly valuable to Saline Area Social Service, is that not only

does Meijer match every dollar that is donated, but on Thursday, September 1st through Saturday, September 3rd, Meijer will double match the amount of donation cards purchased on those specific days. That means, for every $10 gift card that is purchased on Sept. 1-3, Saline Area Social Service will receive $30.

“If you’re planning to donate and want to maximize your donation, I’d recommend taking advantage of the double match days on September 1st through September 3rd,” said Saline Area Social Services volunteer, Cheryl Girvan.  “With Meijer’s generous double match on these three days, Saline Area Social Service receives triple the amount of every donation.”  Every donation helps to support our mission and the services we offer to those in need in Saline.” 

The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer began its Simply Give program as a way to help local food pantries throughout the Midwest achieve their missions of feeding hungry families and has generated more than $18 million since it started in 2008. The Simply Give program runs three times a year when pantries need it the most: Spring, Fall and during the holiday season.

“Today’s food pantries are in a desperate struggle to keep up with the flood of requests they receive daily,” said Janet Emerson, executive vice president of retail operation for Meijer. “The Simply Give program is a way for Meijer customers to partner with Meijer and support the food banks and pantries that provide food to the hungry families in the communities we serve.  We certainly couldn’t do it without the support and commitment of our generous customers and team members, who stand beside us in this effort.”

About Saline Area Social Service

Saline Area Social Service (SASS) is a private, tax-exempt non-profit organization that plays a central role in assisting members of the Saline community in need.  With 4% of the Saline area families living below poverty level, and 470 students receiving free or reduced lunch every day, SASS is the only organization in Saline that provides comprehensive services to its neighbors that not only include obtaining food and household goods, but also informational services, referrals and short or long term aid.  For over 50 years, SASS has assisted families and individuals living within the Saline Area School District who fall within the financial

guidelines of the District.  It provides service to 350 people every week -- including children that account for 35-40% its families.  Seniors living on meager fixed incomes represent another 25%. Website: Phone:  (734) 429-4570 ; Facebook:

About Meijer Philanthropy

Meijer is a family-owned retailer based in Grand Rapids, Mich. with a fundamental philosophy aimed at strengthening the communities it serves. Meijer proudly donates more than 6 percent of its net profit each year to charities throughout the Midwest. With hunger as a corporate philanthropic focus, Meijer partners with hundreds of food banks and pantries through its Simply Give and food rescue programs. Meijer also supports education, disaster relief, and health and wellness initiatives. For additional information on Meijer philanthropy, please visit Follow Meijer on Twitter and or become a fan at

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