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 04/24/2019 - 11:33
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Home of New Vision, located in Ann Arbor, is a leader in the field of Substance Use Disorder treatment in Washtenaw County.

Home of New Vision has been helping people with substance use disorder and mental illness since 1996. What began as a single residence for women in recovery has become a full-service non-profit treatment facility with 85 employees, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and a peer outreach team. There are now 5 recovery residences, including one for residential treatment programs, one for men's MAT (medication assisted treatment), one for women and one for men. An additional recovery residence for women is underway and will be open soon.

Home of New Vision addresses all mental health care needs, not just those associated with substance use disorder. Two psychiatrists are there to provide psychiatric care. There is the Women's Specialty Program to assist women who are either pregnant or have children, with all sorts of things, from having a car seat to therapy to getting a bus pass. The men's MAT program helps men who are taking medication that assists them in their treatment. And the Adult Mental Wellness program helps those who need mental health treatment. Those are just some of the many programs that Home of New Vision offers. For more information about Home of New Vision you may visit the website: www.homeofnewvision.org.

We understand the hopelessness, despair and fears that come with addiction, for both the one with the problem and the ones surrounding that person, like family and friends. We know how difficult it is to ask for help. But sometimes it takes several, or many, tries before recovery "sticks." If you have tried everything, or even if you are at the very beginning of your recovery process, we can help you. Located on Professional Drive in Ann Arbor, Home of New Vision serves all of Washtenaw County and beyond. If you or a family member is suffering from addiction, give us a call at 734-975-1602. Recovery happens!

Christina L Mersereau