After Complaints of Brown Water, City Issues Statement Saying Tests Show Water is Safe

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 07/24/2018 - 17:56

After at least two City of Saline residents complained of brown tap water, city staff reported daily and weekly testing show the city has safe, high quality drinking water.

Tuesday evening, in the Saline Posts Facebook group, Chris Lavery reported brown water in his Torwood neighborhood home.

“The main concern is knowing whether the water is safe to use and drink. With a two-month-old baby, it is very unsettling to see brown water in your home,” Karen Lavery said.

A few days prior, Kelly Rich-Narumi reported a similar instance.

City Councillors Dean Girbach and Janet Dillon informed the city manager of the complaints.

On Tuesday, City Manager Todd Campbell issued a statement saying routine testing shows the city’s water supply “continues to reflect safe, high quality results and no evidence of bacteria or any other potential contaminants that may cause the water to be unsafe to drink.”

According to the statement, occasional occurrences of brown or rusty brown water are likely due to the water system recovering from the major water main brake that drained the city’s two water towers in May. Additionally, the city is experiencing high water demand due to the lack of rain fall.

“The additional demand on the drinking water system will continue to cause any rust build up on the interior of the distribution pipes to be in an almost constant state of agitation.  This causes the intermittent brown or rusty water to occur,” the statement read.

Residents who experience brown or rusty water are encouraged to let their faucet run until the discoloration disappears.

City residents may experience more instances of brown water in the near future when hydrant flushing begins. The city will conduct flushing during the afternoon hours to impact fewer residents. A schedule will be posted on the city’s social media pages.

People with concerns about their water should contact contact Steve Wyzgoski, Waste Water Treatment Plant/Water Treatment Plant Supt. at 734-944-2003 / [email protected] or Jeff Fordice, DPW Director at 734-429-5624 / [email protected] with questions/concerns regarding the City of Saline’s municipal drinking water system. 





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