City Seeks Public's Input as Downtown Parking Study Continues

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 06/13/2018 - 16:04

The City of Saline has hired Rich & Associates to conduct a Downtown Parking Study.  The results of the study will assist in determining what the downtown parking needs are and to develop a plan to better manage parking in Downtown Saline.  Part of the data gathering for the study includes on-line surveys for downtown customers, downtown business owners and downtown employees.  Saline City Manager Todd Campbell stated, “The information gathered from the surveys will be critical to the success and effectiveness of the outcomes from the downtown parking study.”  The City of Saline invites everyone to participate in the on-line survey – if you are a downtown business owner please complete the Saline Downtown Business Survey.  If you are an employee of a business located in Downtown Saline please take the Downtown Saline Employee Survey.  And if you are a customer of Downtown Saline Businesses please take the Saline Downtown Customer Survey.  Note:  the links to all three surveys are below, on the City of Saline website and Facebook page.  There are also hard-copies of the Saline Downtown Customer Survey available at Saline City Hall.  Thank you for your time.  We look forward to great community participation in completing the appropriate surveys for the Downtown Parking Study.

Please contact Todd J. Campbell, City Manager 734.429.4907, ext. 2212 or [email protected] 

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