Friends from Lindenberg, Germany, are Visiting Saline

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 06/05/2019 - 23:33
Peter Feind holds up a sign commemorating the visit of Lindenberg, Germany, residents to Saline, as Saline City Councillor Jack Ceo and Saline Mayor Brian Marl hold clocks showing the times in the sister cities, as Lindenberg Mayor Eric Ballerstedt watches. This scene came during a brief reception at Saline City Hall Tuesday, where Mayor Marl and friends hosted their guests from Germany.

Nearly 30 residents of Germany are visiting town this week as Saline, Michigan, and Lindenberg, Germany, continue their sister-city exchanges. The two communities "twinned" in 2003. Since then, they've been sending visitors back and forth to explore each other's communities, cultures and to see other attractions and sites. For example, the group from Lindenberg will visit Nashville this year.

Mayor Brian Marl presented Lindenberg Mayor Eric Ballerstedt with several gifts, including a cutting board shaped like Michigan, a book about the Yankee Air Force Museum, a creation from Motawi Tile.


Saline welcomes guests from Lindenberg, Germany - our German sister city.

Saline welcomes guests from Lindenberg, Germany - our German sister city. Nearly 30 guests, including students, will visit Saline and Michigan - and also take a trip down to Nashville. More about Lindenberg: More about joining the sister-city group:

Posted by The Saline Post on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

"Thank you very much for the warm welcome. We are very happy to be here," said Ballerstedt, who is traveling with his wife and young child. 

Among the 27 visitors is a group of students.

"This will make sure that our partnership will go on even longer," Ballerstedt said.

Saline and Lindenberg are both home to Liebherr plants. Former Liebherr executive Peter Feind is a longtime member of the Saline-Lindenberg Friendship Committee. He presented gifts to Mayor Marl and Councillor Jack Ceo. They included a sign commemorating this year's visit and two clocks - one showing the time in Saline and the other showing the time in Lindenberg.  He also presented a traveling guest book to Jack Ceo. The guests from Lindenberg will sign the book and share some of the impressions made during their visit. And then, in two years, when Salinians visit Lindenberg, they'll bring the book and make notes to share with their German friends.

Lindenberg, located in Bavaria, has a population of about 11,500. It has a long history, dating back to 857. For years, the town was known for the hat industry.

To learn more about Lindenberg and Saline's sister city programs, click here.


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