Saline Closes Small Recycling Center at City Hall

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 01/31/2020 - 23:06

The City of Saline announced on its Facebook page Friday that it was closing the small recycling center at city hall on Harris Street. 

The post did not say why the city decided to close the recycling center, but city leaders discussed the issue at a meeting in January. Residents were leaving behind a mess in the city hall parking lot and city staff were wasting time cleaning the mess.

There are still extra recycle carts at Mill Pond Park.

The city, in its Facebook post, also noted that residents can use the Recycle Ann Arbor service on South Industrial Drive in Ann Arbor for recycling.

The city's new contract with Waste Management provides a free recycling cart for curbside service to every city household. Residents who do not have a cart can order one by calling the Saline Department of Public Works at (734) 429-5624. 

Residents can also pay for a second recycling cart by calling Waste Management at 866-797-9018.

For more information about refuse, recycling and yard waste pick up, click here.

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