Health Wise: Did You Know Most Insurances Cover Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations?

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 10/11/2018 - 13:04

We are reaching out today to make you aware of a unique service that we offer: a comprehensive confidential evaluation that can provide you with a fuller multi-faceted understanding of yourself, a client, or a loved one. We at Still Waters Counseling believe that self-knowledge is empowering and the feeling of being understood can be healing. In addition such knowledge can be invaluable in enhancing any therapeutic experience in which you may choose to engage.

A unique aspect of our evaluation is that it begins with an understanding of what you are personally seeking to learn from this process. Our trained psychologists then choose the appropriate tools to use for the evaluation. These include evidence-based standardized measures of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning and executive functioning, as well as information from multiple sources acquired after receiving proper consent from you. But this is not all. Our clinicians value being fully present and listening to you throughout the process of assessment rather than relying on standardized measures only. At the end of this process we are able to provide personalized recommendations that could help you significantly improve your quality of life and functioning.

This service is for you if:

  • You are a parent of a child who is struggling or presenting with difficult behaviors and are interested in gaining a better understanding of your child and personalized recommendations to give your child the best chance of success from an early age.
  • You are personally going through some challenging situations and wish to understand more about yourself, and/or your partner, including strengths, weaknesses, and potential diagnoses.
  • You have received therapy in the past that was not fully satisfying and are wanting to gather information about yourself prior to reconnecting with a therapist again.
  • You are currently seeing a counselor and you wish to add a dimension to your treatment that could help you and your counselor maximize understanding of your life and ensure you get the most out of treatment.

If you are considering this service, there is more good news. Psychological testing is a covered benefit under most insurances, many of which we accept. We have a few openings left for 2018 and would suggest prompt action if you would like to make an appointment. You could potentially save a considerable amount if you schedule before your deductible resets. Our trained front desk staff can help verify the details of your insurance coverage.

Our office locations allow us to serve clients in and around Saline, Adrian, and Ann Arbor. Please call us at (734) 944-3446 or email us at [email protected] if you would like more information, or to make an appointment. Thanks for reading!

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